Airforce Laser Sheet Metal Processing

Cleanroom Assembly and Testing

Few in the sheet metal processing industry have autonomous cleanrooms for low-dust assembly and testing. For manufacturing that requires high precision, high quality, such as the technology industry, it provides a one-stop service for complete assembly to computerized testing.

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Company Introduction and Demand Development

Welcome to Airforce Laser to visit the advanced sheet metal processing production line and cleanroom specifications, we will sincerely discuss with you and plan according to your needs.

Sample R&D and Pilot Run

We welcome sheet metal assembly or testing for all types of high-precision requirements to go to the cleanroom, initially test small batches with samples, and jointly develop mass production strategies.

Assembly mass production and test data report

For high-precision sheet metal assembly, we work with our customers to plan mass production patterns and corresponding forms of digital returns, making Airforce your digital factory for sheet metal.

Clean Room Sheet Metal Processing Application Case

We want to transfer the complete sheet metal assembly to the supplier, but when computer testing is required and remanufactured, it costs and time to come back and forth, and we hope to find more efficient Sheet metal processing and testing methods

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In general, technology plants require complete computer testing after assembly, but most sheet metal manufacturers are unable to provide flowline testing services, resulting in costly transportation and communication costs.

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Airforce Laser One-Stop Solution Understanding whether or not computer detection is the key to the success of technology industry products, we provide High-specification inspection services, One-stop production, and finished production is finished.

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Welcome to Airforce for cooperation and consultation in sheet metal processing

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Is it possible to have bend processing or even laser processing inside the cleanroom?


How can a sky laser do a digitized test data return? Is there any actual experience I can share?


Is there a way for Sky Laser to help do more testing? SUCH AS THREE-DIMENSIONAL MEASUREMENTS, ETC.


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